Introducing the STATE of NOW

STATE Optical Co. was founded on the belief that the STATE we live in – state of affairs, state of consciousness, state of being – is largely up to us to create. We can either accept the STATE shaped by the world around us or we can work to change it for the better. STATE Optical Co. chooses the latter and this blog is for all those who share in that sentiment.

In doing so, we choose to live in the STATE of NOW.

In the STATE of NOW, it’s up to us to make things happen for ourselves. Rather than listening to the naysayers, we build a community of fellow dreamers. This blog is a place to celebrate them, to spark positive conversations about the makers, doers, and thinkers who make NOW a powerful place to be.

We are perpetually drawing inspiration from the people and places around us. As a company firmly rooted in Chicago, it doesn’t take much more than walking our city’s diverse neighborhoods to inspire our designs. Here, we’ll tell you Chicago stories of community and culture, of history and evolution.

We believe in making things ourselves, even when that seems impossible. Even when you have to build your own factory. Even when there’s no infrastructure to support you. Here, you can read stories of how and why we make our eyewear in Chicago. Here, you can meet the people who make STATE frames every day.

It isn’t always easy to remain in the STATE of NOW. In our own small way, we hope this blog reminds you that there are others out there working to make NOW better, kinder, safer, more supportive, and more beautiful. We’d love to learn about you and share your story too, just email us at

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