Every Day is Manufacturing Day in the STATE Factory

National Manufacturing Day is a fantastic way to shine a light on all the makers across the US, but we have to say, every day is manufacturing day in the STATE factory in Chicago. Every day 60 craftsmen clock in. Every day those craftsmen impart a little piece of their soul into each frame they craft. Every day they laugh together; every day they support each other; every day they clock out knowing they’ve done more than just making something. So on this National Manufacturing Day, let’s take a closer look at the craftsman who started it all.

STATE Co-Founder, Marc Franchi

In 2012, March Franchi, along with Jason Stanley, had an idea that everyone told him was impossible – that he could find a way to manufacture high quality eyewear in the United States. The two first cousins and self-described ‘gear heads,’ began traveling the world, researching machinery and techniques. Marc didn’t just want to make eyewear in the US, he wanted craftsmen in the US to be able to make eyewear as well as craftsmen anywhere else in the world. This meant years of constant research, learning, tinkering, and finally training more craftsmen with his commitment to American made luxury.

There’s something in the American psyche that makes us want to set our own rules rather than follow someone else’s. One of the most tempting reasons to make products in the US is the level of control you can wield over production. For STATE frames, that means using only the finest materials and employing only the strictest quality control standards. Entering the STATE quality control room just off the factory floor, all the noise and hustle of production fades away. Even though STATE frames are inspected every time they pass hands from one craftsman to another, the last step in the making of a STATE frame is final registration. This doesn’t just mean one last look over, it means every last millimeter of each frame is scrutinized against near-perfect standards. Marc would have it no other way.